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Sunday, March 13, 2011

New 3DK Hydrocal Kits

Hello to all my blog readers,

I have just released my new HO Scale hydrocal building kit. This is a bit of a change for me as my normal line of building kits are made from cardstock. I design and produce hydrocal kits for other companies in the United States, Great Britain and Canada but this is the first time I have produced any under the banner of 3DK. Hydrocal is a product of U.S. Gypsum. It has great strength, much more than plaster and reproduces detail to a very fine degree.

The kit includes hydrocal walls; roof and platform with injection molded Tichy windows, cast resin doors and resin accessories. The kit also includes a detailed printed interior. Also included with the kit are packing cases, sack piles and covered loads. I am uploading the kit to my web site at over the next week so please feel free to go online and have a look.

There will be a few more coming out in the near future so keep an eye on my blog or my web site and as always, if you have any suggestions then please drop me a line and happy modelling

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