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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Completed Resin Weighbridge Kit

Hello there to all our 3DK blog readers.

As you read in my blog of March 16th, I had been working on a Highland Castings commission for a company in the United Kingdom ( I was commissioned to produce a commercial resin kit of Alnwick weighbridge office. Well I have now finished the work and have posted the completed demo kit images here for your enjoyment. I have lit the inside of the kit so you get a nice view of the internal detailing that comes with the building. It has internal walls with a host of detailing cast on to them.

The next project I have been commissioned to do is a set of stone North Eastern Railway coal drops for a customer in Europe.

I am also working hard to complete a spring clean of my web site at and trying to up-load all my new kits before the snow melts.

Thanks and happy modeling and remember, if you want any information on our services and products then drop me a line at or visit my website at


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