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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello there to all our 3DK blog readers.

We are nearly into spring and the workshop is due for a good spring clean. I find that the shop accumulates a large amount of off cuts and bits and bobs from designs and kits that I have been working on and as much as I would love to keep it all just in case that small piece of styrene might be needed, it has to go to make room for more off cuts from all the new designs we have on the go.
We are nearing the completion of one design for a UK company and they commissioned us to produce an O Gauge 7mm to 1 foot resin kit which is based on a south of England stone weighbridge. I make the walls out of soft casting plaster which can be nicely carved. The stone work at the corners must fit exactly with all the other walls and over the years I have developed a unique system to ensure that the stonework is a perfect fit.

Image 1 shows the base the four walls will sit on under construction. The base is a mixture of styrene and carved casting plaster.

Image 2 & 3 show the two end gable walls carved and ready for the silicone rubber to be poured forming the mold I will be casting the silicone resin from.

Images 4 and 5 show the cured silicone rubber before removing from images 2 and 3. This is always a tense time as the rubber mold could stick to the pattern is you have not applied enough mold release fluid.

Image 6 show all the various wall sections and window cast in silicone resin ready for assembly.

Images 7 & 8 show the assembled walls glued in place on top of the stone resin base that was cast separatly.
Image 9 shows the detailed chimney which is cast in three parts to simplify assembly.

Image 10 is the image taken at Beamish open air museum of the stone weighbridge that we were commissioned to produce. This was all we had to work from as we do not normally get detailed drawings so we have to produce our own which we submit to our customer to look over and adjust where appropriate. I still have to make the patterns and molds for the roof, door, fireplace, internal walls, gutters and drainpipes and I will post these when I have completed them so you can see the finished kit. Thanks and happy modeling and remember, if you want any information on our services and products then drop me a line at or visit my website at

Calum Faeorin-Cruich

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