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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

New Engine Shed Progress

Now the rural garage is complete and on the web site I have started working on the next addition to the 3dk range. It is a small rural engine shed which would have held a small tank engine. The mock is almost complete as you can see.

The building will be offered in red brick and stone and the red brick shed should be complete by Mid December with the stone shed release date of around the end of Dec or early Jan.

The kit will be as detailed inside as it will be outside to our usual high standard. The kit is created from photo based images hence the high quality and low price.

The building comes with either clear glazing file or printed windows file. The kits will sell for £4.17 Or $6.99 Canadian.

If you have any suggestion or any questions regarding any of our products them please get in touch.

Thanks and happy modelling.

I will post more updates as the kit progresses towards completion. Thanks, Calum 3dk. www,3dk,ca


Monday, November 21, 2016


Almost finished the new OO Gauge garage. The building is now complete and just working on the instructions which I should hopefully complete today and it should be uploaded to the website at www.3dk by late tonight or tomorrow
The garage is detailed inside and out and comes with a range of signs, posters and adverts so you can super detail the building.
The O Scale version of this kit was featured in Hornby’s 25 great Layouts volume 1 on Dubmill Sidings layout on page 57.
Let me know what you think and please feel free to suggest ideas for kits you would like to see produced in the future.

After the garage, I am starting work on a brick engine shed, goods shed and station to compliment my railscenes products. Have fun and happy modelling. Calum 3dk
Even the small office has a detailed interior.
Would look great illuminated at night to show off the detailed interior.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The new addition to my 3dk range of downloadable building kits is coming along well. I have managed to get a good portion of the main building done and just got the roof to complete. I can then turn to putting the small office together along with the petrol pumps and signage. Hope to have this kit complete before Christmas with any luck.

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Happy modelling from 3dk

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Working hard on my new Shell OO Gauge/HO Scale petrol/Gas station. It is based on my successful O Scale building kit. The images here are of the O Scale kit but the smaller one will be similar but without the overhanging canopy at the front.
The building depicts the Shell Company's colours with some weathering added to age it

The kit is as detailed inside as it is outside. Due to the large windows it is perfect for illuminating to show off the internal detail in a night time scene.

The kit includes gas/petrol pumps, lots of signs and adverts.

The walls have an interior skeleton frame between the inside and outside walls to ensure that the kit is very strong. The roof has roof beam details and again gives the building much added strength.

This image shows off the superb interior detailing that most 3dk building kits come with.

Also included with the kit are furniture, and tables with lots of detailing posters and adverts.

The kit includes pumps which are easy to assemble.

Thank you for taking the time to look over my blog page and happy modelling/

Thursday, September 15, 2016

New release for September from 3DK Building Kits

OO-9 Terraced Shop Kit $9.80 (£5.63)
I have just released the second of my highly detailed British OO Gauge 1:76 downloadable terraced shops. The kit is as detailed inside as it is on the outside and comes with detailed photographic instructions

The kit is sent as a PDF via email so it can be sent quickly anywhere in the world. You just simply print the kit out on your home printer, stick down on card, and build. It's that easy.

The kit is ideal for illumination and detailing the inside to create a wonderful night scene.

Included with the kit are period piece adverts and posters to enable you to super detail the outside of the building. There are also numerous business signs for the front of the shop.

For more details, please visit my web site at or email me at

Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Terraced House Shops

Here are some images of my latest 3dk kit which is as detailed on the inside as it is on the outside. The kit is British OO Gauge 1:76 and is based on standard terraced houses that could be found being used all over the British Isles.

The kit is emailed to you as a PDF and only cost $9.80 or £5.30 and once purchased the kit can be printed out many times creating whole streets from one PDF.

The range of shops will grow over time enabling you to create a whole rangevof buildings.

The kit comes with adverts and posters to enable you to super detail the building.

Only the most basic of tools are required to assemble and if you make a mistake then simply just print the part out from the original PDF

To view the kit and many other OO & O Gauge and HO & O Scale kits then go to