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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Great British Model Railway 2014 Show

Here is a small video of my OO Gauge model railway’s first public outing at the “Great British Model Railway 2014 Show” in Brampton last month. Quite a bit of the scenic detailing was complete but all the buildings are at this point just cardboard mock ups.
. It’s a good idea to makes mock ups of the intended building structures as you will add bit and change bits before settling on a final design. Better to do it with cheap cardboard than expensive kits.

The layout depicts a North of Scotland Royal Navy base around the sixties when the railway link to the base was almost at the end of its working life due to major road improvements to the Northern highlands. There is still lots to do on the layout before completion but you can see the very first stages of construction on my blog page at and on Facebook at
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