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Thursday, August 9, 2012

New 3DK buiding kit

New 3DK buiding kit

We have just finished the design of our new small wooden station  and have just released it on eBay at the following link:

The idea behind the kit is when you buy the building it is then emailed to you as a series of PDF files that you download and print out on your home printer. There are three main advantages to this.

1.      It can be emailed to you anywhere in the world almost instantly.

2.      If you make a mistake then simply re-print the part you need.

3.      You can print the kit out as many times as you require.

When you print out the kit, simply glue it to some 1mm card and following the detailed photographic instructions, simply cut out and assemble. The kit also includes various pages of advice on which glue to use, what tools you require and advice on how to put a card kit together if you have never tried before.

The kit comes with a fully detailed interior and supplied with the kit are sheets of furniture that you simply cut out, bend along the joint lines and assemble to create desks, cabinets, tool lockers etc.  Also included with the kit are extra sheets of walling, flooring, roofing so you can more than double the size of the kit if you want. 
I have tried to design these kits to be as detailed as possible, be as cheap as possible (This one will retail on my web site, once I have finished it and got it online, for about $9.99) and be available across the globe almost instantly. If you would like to make any comments or have any suggestions then please email me at:
Thank  you.
Calum Faeorin-Cruich

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