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Monday, July 12, 2010

Web site additions.

Hello to all our customers and just a few lines about our new web site.

We have just uploaded it and I am quite proud of it as it has been all my own work, so if you spot any spelling mistakes then please let me know as I am to blame. There are bound to be a few.

The new site has a new competition page which is pretty cool. Just re-assemble the picture and let us know what it is and you will be entered into our price draw where you could win a 3DK building kit. The site also now has a site map which enables you to find your way around the site very fast once you know what you are after.

We have added a PDF download of our 2010 colour catalogue so you can print it off and keep it handy for when you need it. We have added a range of YouTube videos showing the building kits in full techno colour which are fun to watch.

On the main page to the bottom right there is an “Old Time Radio” link to a wonderful recording of the Green Valle Line in 1934. This follows the story of a small country railroad and is great to listen to. Also we have added a link to “Building Your Own Layout” which is a great site for those modellers just starting in the hobby.

Well that’s all for now but keep an eye on my blog page for updates and above all, happy modelling!

Calum 3DK

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